How we got started


JTEKT ASIA PACIFIC (JTAP) is the Regional Headquarters in the ASIA Pacific Region established last April 1, 2020. It is part of JTEKT group with the head office in Japan. JTAP has 178 employees (Mar 2023) and its main objective is to provide support and services to all JTEKT Group around the Region such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Australia.

In this fast and changing world where advance technology and innovations are the main forces that shape the competitive edge and strategic formulation of a company, JTAP, together with its affiliated companies, are committed to provide products and services that will meet the needs of the consumers and our customers. Moreover, we are mindful of our social responsibility by ensuring that by delivering quality products that exceed customer expectations in cooperation with our Business Partners and Team Members, we bring positive changes in the lives of people and sustainable impact to the environment.  

Inspired with JTEKT’s Vision: Shaping a Better Future through the Spirit of “Number 1 and Only One”, rest assured that we shall continuously strive for excellence and technological advancement to be the best in Quality, Cost and Delivery.

With much appreciation and gratitude, we are looking forward to a stronger relationship with you. We ask for your continuous support.


Mr. Yoshikazu Morino

President of JTEKT ASIA PACIFIC Co., Ltd.