Internship Program

  • Internship Program

  • JTAP provides opportunities for students from educational institutions across the country to have the opportunity to apply their knowledge from their chosen field. They also have opportunities to develop skills through practical training and learn about corporate culture to prepare for future corporate life.

  • Format of internship

  • Trainee Program

    It is a summer internship program between June and July. To encourage students to be innovative and to enhance their teamwork experience through group activities to prepare them for their future work.

  • Cooperative Education Program

    It is a collaboration between the company and the university. To give the opportunity to practice real work for a period of one semester or more. (Depending on the agreement) Students will gain understanding and familiarity with the real work system. They also get specific skills and have more understanding about their career development in the future.

  • Duration of internship

  • Trainee Program : 2 months

    Cooperative Education Program : 4 months

  • What you will get from us

  • Knowledge, basic skills, social and real work life.

    Studies and research information from actual work to use in creating projects and presenting to their schools.

    Gain friendship with new friends during internship as well as experiences and good memory. In addition, we provide basic benefits to interns, such as
    -Daily allowance
    -Lunch allowance
    -Shuttle bus
    -PPE equipment
    -Internship Certificate

Internship Program